I’m Glad My Father Spent His Last Days in the Age of Obama and Not Trump

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If Trump had been president of the United States in 1976, I probably wouldn’t be a natural born American citizen.

Mom and dad produced two siblings in the six subsequent years after my birth. The five of us started off in a tiny apartment on the east side of Denver, before moving into a small three-bedroom, one bathroom house a few blocks north of Colfax, the preferred avenue of gang members, drug dealers and addicts, and prostitutes. Of course we didn’t have much material possessions, but that didn’t stop my dad from fostering big dreams. He went on to secure his master’s degree in Finance from Regis University — also my alma mater — in 1986. And although he was not able to land the job of his dreams — he settled for a job as a floor coordinator at Continental Airlines — Dad expected a lot from his three American born children. My sisters and I were able to more or less meet our father’s expectations, as the three of us were able to attend college and earn undergraduate degrees before the midterms of 2006. Both of my sisters would go on to earn their master’s degrees in the thereafter. I sort of bounced around from job to job while I tried to get my head straight.

I am a teacher, essay writer, survivor, foodie, and politically obsessed progressive. ep2ihenetu@gmail.com

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